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Hello, I'm Joseph Iorio. Thank you for visiting my site. Please click the links below to view my Resume, NJ Certificates,Transcripts and Letters of Recommendation.

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Transcript: Joseph Iorio 4.0   Presidents List 4.0

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Letters of Recommendation:
Kevin DiEugenio - HS Principal    Kathleen McCarthy - HS Special Ed Teacher

Eric Fiedler - Elem Principal   Jessica Cellini - Elem Supervisor

Sue Weaver - 3rd Grade Teacher    Erin Banin - Special Ed Teacher

Krista Larice - Basic Skills/Special Education    Janette Brindle - 3rd Grade Teacher

I am currently teaching 10th grade ICS History & Spanish at the Jackson Memorial
High School, (Contracted Jan 31st - June 30th 2022). Prior, I taught Basic Skills Grades 1-4
at the Forked River Elementary School, Lacey Twp., NJ.
(Contracted September 1st - November 30th 2021).

As a permanent substitute teacher in 2020-2021, at the Forked River NJ Elementary School, I have successfully taught classes in-person, as well as remote, in all grade levels, including ESL students. I have also had the pleasure of teaching two weeks in BD, two weeks in LLD, six weeks in 3rd & 4th grade, and three months of ICS/Resource in 2nd and 3rd grade.

Over the previous years, by earning my degree online, I was able to gain four years of classroom experience as a substitute teacher, all while completing my dual degree in Elementary Education and Special Education. I taught through the Covid-19 pandemic gaining valuable experience with Google Classroom for in-person and remote education as well as held daily Google Meets for social and emotional learning.

2021 Remote Learning 3rd Grade Vocabulary Lesson

Below are some of my earlier experiences teaching.
Since then, I've had an additional year of remote and in class teaching, which has
helped me continue to learn and grow as a teacher.

Video 3rd Grade Fraction Unit Lesson 2019-2020

Personal Teaching Philosophy Video Reflection 2019-2020

Resume: Joseph Iorio - Click Here

Professional Dispositions Assessment

Professional Dispositions Assessment

Indicate your level of agreement with each statement listed below using the response scale of 1-5. Use this assessment to inform your Professional Dispositions Statement.

1 = Strongly Disagree 2 = Disagree 3 = Undecided 4 = Agree 5 = Strongly Agree

Professional Dispositions Criteria






I believe a teacher must use a variety of instructional strategies to optimize student learning.






I understand that students learn in many different ways.






I demonstrate qualities of humor, empathy, and warmth.






I am a thoughtful and responsive listener.






I assume responsibility when working with others.






I believe that all students can learn.






I believe it is important to involve all students in learning.






I believe the classroom environment a teacher creates greatly affects students' learning and development.






I view teaching as an important profession.






I understand that teachers’ expectations affect student learning.






I view teaching as a collaborative effort among educators.






I understand that students have certain needs that must be met before learning can take place.






I am sensitive to student differences.






I communicate caring, concern, and a willingness to become involved with others.






I am punctual and reliable in my attendance.






I maintain a professional appearance.






I believe it is my job to create a learning environment conducive to the development of students’ self-confidence and competence.






I respect the cultures of all students and am sensitive to cultural norms.






I honor my commitments.






I treat students with dignity and respect at all times.






I am willing to receive feedback and assessment of my teaching.






I am patient when working with students.






I am open to adjusting and revising my plans to meet student needs.






I communicate in ways that demonstrate respect for the feelings, ideas, and contributions of others.






I believe it is important to learn about students and their communities.






(Professional Dispositions Assessment.docx., 2020).

Professional Dispositions Statement

Professional Dispositions Statement Assessment



            As an educator to children, families, and the community, I firmly believe that teaching is a continuous process of professional and personal growth that involves much more than designing and implementing highly effective lessons.  Teachers are dedicated individuals who willingly embrace the role of being proactive advocates and positive role models in order to create a warm and engaging learning environment that is centered around mutual respect, trust, and dignity which promotes cultural awareness and diversity, as well as, cultivates compassion, honesty, fairness, and curiosity to best meet all students' individual needs and abilities (Professional Dispositions of Learners,  n.d.).

             Throughout the entire “Professional Dispositions Assessment,” I was in strong agreement with all of the dispositions presented.  Therefore, I believe my self-assessment is in alignment with my professional disposition statement in that it advocates for meaningful learning to take place in a mutually respectful and dignified educational environment which is supported and reflected by my high personal standards and distinguished professional conduct.  According to the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification, there is a direct connection between professional dispositions and the Model Code of Ethics for Educators (NASDTEC, n.d.).  It is imperative that educators engage in professional demeanors and ethical behaviors that further enhance student learning, as well as, promote the teaching profession in a positive manner.  These demeanors and ethical behaviors are also known as professional dispositions, which are a critical component of becoming an educator and are also the moral conduct that is required of every teacher (NASTDEC, n.d.).

            Despite the results of the "Professional Disposition Statements Assessment," I have not always been in strong agreement with these dispositions, primarily due to my lack of teaching knowledge and classroom experience.  Thus, I am happy and proud to say that I have grown in my professional dispositions throughout my program of study.  Since I started my educational courses at Grand Canyon University in 2017, I did not understand the utmost importance of instilling in children that they are all expected to learn at their highest level regardless of their abilities.  In fact, creating meaningful goals for every student that are realistic and attainable are vital in order to produce an authentic, positive learning environment that fosters critical thinking and problem-solving skills which helps ensure success in school and in life (Professional Dispositions of Learners, n.d.).   In addition, I did not realize the significance of establishing a nurturing classroom community that embraces and celebrates cultural awareness, as well as, fully engages in mutual respect and acceptance for diversity.  Furthermore, knowing all of my students' personal background, interests, strengths, and weaknesses will enable me to implement effective instructional strategies and utilize appropriate resources to maximize their learning potential.  Lastly, I learned that working collaboratively with my colleagues, administration, and the entire community is essential to improve the quality of my teaching practices and to enhance student learning (Professional Dispositions of Learners, n.d.).

            Although all of my dispositions are in strong agreement, there are still areas that I can improve upon for teaching is a continuous process of personal and professional growth.  For example, as communities, schools, and classrooms become increasingly diverse, it is imperative that I obtain more knowledge in order to develop a significant level of understanding of every student’s cultural background in order to create a classroom community of mutual trust, acceptance, and respect.  Also, deciding which differentiated teaching strategies and learning activities to utilize in order successfully meet all students' needs and abilities will take some time to figure out.  Thus, it is important that I effectively collaborate with  my fellow colleagues by attending grade level and faculty meetings, as well as, professional workshops to best ensure that all of my students attain their personal and academic goals.



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