Joseph Iorio's Teaching Portfolio

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I am currently teaching 10th grade ICS History & Spanish at the Jackson Memorial
High School, (Contracted Jan 31st - June 30th 2022). Prior, I taught Basic Skills Grades 1-4
at the Forked River Elementary School, Lacey Twp., NJ.
(Contracted September 1st - November 30th 2021).

As a permanent substitute teacher in 2020-2021, at the Forked River NJ Elementary School, I have successfully taught classes in-person, as well as remote, in all grade levels, including ESL students. I have also had the pleasure of teaching two weeks in BD, two weeks in LLD, six weeks in 3rd & 4th grade, and three months of ICS/Resource in 2nd and 3rd grade.

Over the previous years, by earning my degree online, I was able to gain four years of classroom experience as a substitute teacher, all while completing my dual degree in Elementary Education and Special Education. I taught through the Covid-19 pandemic
gaining valuable experience with Google Classroom for in-person and remote education
as well as held daily Google Meets for social and emotional learning.

2021 Remote Learning 3rd Grade Vocabulary Lesson

Below are some of my earlier experiences teaching.
Since then, I've had an additional year of remote and in class teaching, which has
helped me continue to learn and grow as a teacher.

Video 3rd Grade Fraction Unit Lesson 2019-2020

Video Recording Reflection

Video Recording Reflection


            After reviewing and reflecting on my video recording, I have determined that I did a pretty solid job overall. There were many strengths and things that I thought I did well on. However, there is always room for improvement and self reflection is a major component to becoming a successful educator. After reviewing the video, some of my strengths were keeping the students engaged and interested during the lesson on measuring to the nearest ½ inch mark. I also felt that I displayed fairness when calling on my students, as I tried my best to get everyone involved. Students were able to visually see and take part in the lesson by coming up to the interactive whiteboard to solve the problems. After taking quite a bit of time after watching the video to self reflect, I think there is room for me to grow as an educator on certain aspects. Talking a little louder, making more eye contact with some of my students, and giving more direct instructions are certain things that I can improve on.

           My mentor teacher said I did a very good job on this lesson, but she offered me some constructive feedback and advice that I plan on listening to. Taking advice and learning from another experienced teacher is never a bad idea. I know that my mentor teacher is just helping me grow as an educator. This advice will allow me to reflect on what I learned from watching my video recording and apply what I have learned to when I become a teacher of my own in the future! Overall, I definitely felt that my first video recording of me teaching a lesson went as well as it possibly could have went, especially for my first recording of me teaching! I will continue to build on my strengths and I plan on strengthening my areas of opportunity so I can become a successful educator now and in the future!